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Hey There Affiliates -

This is Debbie Drum and I am really excited to introduce you to Book Review Targeter.  As you know, one of the biggest hurdles facing Kindle publishers is getting reviews for their book. The more reviews, the better their book ranks on Amazon, and ultimately, the more sales.

Many publishers resort to begging friends and family for reviews or getting reviews from other authors on forums and groups. There is nothing wrong with either of these approaches, but a much better approach to get true fans of the niche writing a review and spreading the word about the book to other people in the book’s targeted audience.

Book Review Targeter automates the task of finding related reviewers on Amazon. It searches for related books by keywords, locates reviewers and provides the reviewer’s contact information, such as email or website.

If you remember the first version of this software, Publisher's Review Accelerator, it only went as far as exporting the reviewers and you were left to go outside of the tool to email the reviewers.

With Book Review Targeter, you can email the reviewer right from inside the tool! 

The tool currently has 2 email templates that are editable and the user can simply email the reviewer right there! There are built in buffers inside the tool so that reviewers don't get spammed with multiple emails! 


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Need Reviews for Your Kindle Books?
How To Get Book Reviews The Faster and Easier Way

Getting Legit Reviews for Your Book, Now Made 10 Times Easier
Struggling with Getting Book Reviews?

You hate it as much as I do. The new book you publish needs those reviews. It's so important.

People buy and make buying decisions today based on social proof. 

Think about it:

  • The places we go to eat
  • the tv we buy
  • the clothes we buy

We want social proof from real buyers to assure ourselves that we are buying something we are going to be happy with. 

The same goes for book buyers!

But sometimes getting reviews is a pain in the butt. 

We have to:

  • ask our friends and family
  • go on social media in groups asking for reviews
  • cross our fingers on free days and hope for people to leave natural reviews
  • or if you really want to live on the edge - buy reviews which is  a HUGE no no and you are putting your account at risk!

But what if we could find REAL REVIEWERS of people who actually reviewed books in our exact niche - and find them in less than 10 minutes and then contact them and ask them to review YOUR Book?

My friend Debbie Drum has figured it out and developed a tool that every publisher needs

check it out here:


Every book needs reviews and finding actual people who will enjoy your book without having to beg them for a review makes the "review getting process" MUCH EASIER. 

Every publisher needs this:



P.S. Reviews can make a differecne between very little sales to daily book sales that keep growing and growing! 

One way to do it is to GET MORE REVIEWS

It all starts here:




Quit Begging Your Friends and Family For Reviews
Easy Way To Get More Reviews
Need More Reviews For Your Books?
Getting Book Reviews Sucks...Until Now

Getting book reviews can be a daunting task.

But we all need to them to get the social proof we need to sell more books!

Now, there's a new and quick way to find reviewers for your books!

The method is simple. Reach out to people who have already reviewed other books in your niche and reach out to them!

This saavy tool that Debbie Drum developed finds targeted reviewers on Amazon and get this...finds their email so that you can email them about your book!

Check the demo out here:


There is no other tool that will find potential reviewers like this one does. If you were to do this task manually on Amazon (or even if you hired someone) it would take HOURS UPON DAYS UPON MORE HOURS!

No one has the time or money for that!

Use Book Review Targeter Instead!



P.S. Be sure to watch the entire demo on this page so you can see the power behind this tool. 

Go check it out now




Open If You Sell In Embarrassing Niches....

Do you write books in niches where you don't really want to shout from the rooftops that you are the author behind the pen name?

I definitely have some of those!

There are some books that I need reviews on but I don't exactly want to go into all the facebook groups and ask for reviews because it's slightly embarrassing!

So what do you do to get reviews? You can sit back and wait for them to come in but that probably won't happen as quickly as you need it to.

I have another alternative....

Use Book Review Targeter...


Book Review Targeter will allow you to reach out to targeted reviewers without having to shout it from the rooftops!

You can be well on your way of getting more book reviews which will bring more buyers!

There's no question - the one thing that can catapult book sales is more reviews!


P.S. I sell a few fiction books that I wrote myself - but before Book Review Targeter, I didn't want to do the leg work of bugging my friends and family, or even posting requests to Facebook groups (my book is under a pen name so i didn't want to create all different accounts under my pen me lazy!!)

Now I just use the software and it's easy peasy!


Last Chance For Huge Savings
The Best Way To Get Reviews [Ending Soon]
Special Price is Ending

If you want the best way to get reviews for your books, the chance is NOW.

The price of Book Review Targeter is going up and once it goes up, you will never see this bargain again!

Book Review Targeter allows you to easily find targeted reviewers for your books in minutes!

The tool goes out and scours Amazon for the best people to review your books!

See how it works right here:


After today, the price will be going up and  you will have to pay double and a yearly fee!

Check it out right here:



P.S. This tool is in high demand so get it before you have to pay a premium!



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