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Video Summary:

Thank you for purchasing Book Review Targeter. You are watching this video because you are a part of a special self publisher community. Debbie wants BRT working just as much as you do!

Debbie is currently working on optimizing how the reviewers are being pulled from Amazon. Since it is a lot of requests, Amazon blocks the searches so she has 2 programmers working to optimize this feature. 

Debbie appreciates your patience while she works hard managing programmers working on this project. Your support (by not refunding) will allow her to focus her efforts on getting the tool to work how it should. There are several costs associated with getting this tool to work and we as self publishers need to stick together to support the cause. 

While you wait - here are some additional products that will make you money as a content marketer and publisher. Debbie is currently reaching out to other product creators in the community to add to the list of bonuses for not refunding and supporting the cause. 

Thanks for your support!

Debbie Drum

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