FINALLY Find Targeted Reviewers For Your Books With Only A Couple Mouse Clicks To Get The Social Proof You Need To Sell More Books

Dear Frustrated Author,

One of the biggest reasons why a book doesn't sell is because it has little to no reviews.

Books with a low number of reviews get passed by quickly. Not Fair Right? I know...

We've Got To Stop The Madness and finally get more reviews for our books!

We Live In A Social Proof Time -
Ain't No Stoppin It Now...

You can't deny it....and you know you do it too!

  • Before you watch a movie
  • Buying something on Amazon
  • Buying an App
  • A restaurant you want to eat at
  • I can go on forever...

When you purchase something online and it's on a site where there are reviews and star ratings, you definitely check those reviews out ALL THE TIME and most likely making your buying decision based off of those reviews. As I said above, Ain't No Stoppin It Now. We all do it! Isn't social media grand?

This is the same with book buyers! The reviews and the star ratings is something that book buyers are paying attention to and we need to keep up with the demand of the desire to get social proof affirmation when they are looking to buy your book!

But Getting Reviews is
Easier Said Than Done Right? 

Getting Reviews is a long process. We could:

  • Beg our friends and family
  • Go on Forums and Facebook groups and ask for reviews
  • Go on review swapping sites [AGAINST AMAZON TERMS]
  • Go on Fiverr or other like sites and buy reviews [AGAINST AMAZON TERMS] 
  • Have KDP Select days and cross our fingers and hope for the best

If You Are Tired Of Doing All Of The Above, You've Got To See This

There's got to be an easier way to get targeted reviews! Another effective way to get reviews is to go on Amazon and search for other actual REAL Reviewers and contact those reviewers directly.

There's A Big Problem With That Though...

See this book:

WOW - 712 Real Reviewers to contact right? WRONG! Wrong because not all of those reviews have contact information available on Amazon.

Actually, out of those 712 Reviewers, only 8 people have contact information. No, I didn't open each one individually to find that answer nor did I hire someone to do it for me...that would have taken hours...maybe even days!

I Used Book Review Targeter! 

Click Play To See How Book Review Targeter Works

A job that could take you or an outsourcer HOURS is now done ALL AUTOMATED in just minutes!  

Book Review Targeter is a web-based application that will find reviewers for your book in minutes - with no work on your part!

This Will Change Publishing As We Know It!

Here's What You Can Do With Book Review Targeter....

Now, You Can Of Course Do This Manually By Going to the Review Section of Each Book On Amazon...But It will likely Take You Days Upon Hours To Complete Just One Book

You would have to click through each review and find out if the reviewer has contact information. It's kind of like finding a needle in a haystack - so good luck with that! 

Unless You Had Minions, This Would Take You FOREVER...!

Book Review Targeter Is The Better Way To Go

Book Review Targeter Features

  • Personal Plus Outsourcers License (your outsourcers can use your account and do the work for you) 
  • Developer's License (you can get reviewers for other people) 
  • Send Emails To Reviewers Right From The Tool 
  • Generate UNLIMITED amount of reviews
  • Export results to csv
  • Save Searches for later use (coming soon)
  • Eliminate 1 & 2 Star Reviews (coming soon)

Book Review Targeter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this for Mac and PCs?

A: Yup. Come one. Come All. It's a web-based tool so you can access it from anywhere, anytime. Best of all, there is nothing to download! No hassle! 

Q: Can My VA use the tool? 

A: Yes, your Virtual Assistant can use the tool to do the reviewer work for you. 

Q: Does this work for both fiction and non-fiction?

A: Yes - you can find reviewers for any book and that means both fiction and non-fiction

Q: Is this against Amazon's Terms of Service?

A: No - contacting reviewers who publically put their email on their Amazon accounts is not against Amazon's terms of service. It's just like sending an email to someone to ask them if they want to review your book. The software is just finding those people faster for you. 

Q: How long will this tool be supported?

A: Right now the plans are to support the tool for 2 years (starting from 8/12/15). Amazon makes changes CONSTANTLY so the upkeep will be crucial. A lot can happen in 2 years but our team is commited to support the tool for 2 years. 

Q: Does training come with the tool?

A: Yes - there is complete training plus some additional training on getting more reviews

Q: Why is this a yearly fee?

A: This tool is definitely needed by authors. However, to develop and maintain this tool, there are on-going fees, and while this is a labor of love, I need continued support for my fellow authors to keep the tool working great and to add much needed features to the tool. 

Book Review Targeter

P.S. This is the best way to get more reviews. You would be crazy to do this manually! Have Book Review Targeter do the searching for you! 

P.P.S You are well on your way to getting highly targeted reviewers for your books without begging friends and family! Take action now! 

To Your Success 

Debbie Drum 

Get Reviews A Lot Easier and Faster Using Book Review Targeter