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Howdy Self Publishers,

Welcome to the Updates Page for Book Review Targeter. This page will keep you informed on what's going on with the tool and what we're working on. 



There has been a TON of changes with our BRT system over the years. We are so happy to continually serve authors and help them get the reviews they are looking for. 

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Hey Folks - This is important. If any reviewers writes you back and says not to contact them anymore. Please do the following: #1 - Check their profile to make sure they removed their email address from Amazon. #2 - If they did, please add their email to this spreadsheet:

How the system works is when an email is extracted, we add it to our database (so we wouldn't know if the user removed their email). We don't want to contact people who remove their emails from Amazon so that's why this process is important.

Lastly, if they don't remove their email from Amazon, just take them off your personal list.


While we were busy last week perfecting the new email extractor last week, Amazon made another change that we had to adapt to this week....which we did. 

From what I understand, the initial searches that we do to find books were giving us some issues. We were not getting a lot of results when we did searches for books. 

Our system has different touch points with Amazon so if they change one thing that effects the entire system. 

I won't bore you with the details but it's working now. If you have been experiencing some issues with your account this week please try re-running those searches. 



Hey Folks - I wanted to update you on the status of the tool. Over the weekend we made a major breakthrough. Here's what's happening. Amazon is getting really good at detecting robots and things being done without real humans involved (like scraping emails - lol). Remember some of you were having issues with the email extractor not being able to log in to Amazon? Well that was amazon blocking you from logging in. That was one big reason i decided users should stop using their own accounts because who knows what amazon will do...and i didn't want anyone's amazon account to be flagged or anything...not on my watch :)

So we decided to extract the emails in the background but as you recall from an earlier update, in order to see emails in amazon you have to be logged in. This creates another MAJOR obstacle...and you don't really need to know the details of this.

The only thing that is pertinent for you to know is that we were trying all kinds of combinations but amazon kept on finding us and blocking our accounts...and making it impossible to grab the emails successfully.

Next, my programmer tried something else and it seems to be working. We had about 70k email profiles to search in the queue and in one day (well a half a day) we went through about 20k of them! This is a really good sign! This means that Amazon is not detecting we are a robot! This is now a trade secret of how we are doing this :)

We were talking yesterday and realized we are probably the only people in the entire world pulling this off right now! It's pretty incredible.

I am working on some new things this week and on-going to make the system usable without the emails coming in fast (because that's still not going to happen very quickly yet for us unfortunately).
How long will this hold up? I can’t predict the future - but let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Hey there! Since we have implemented our new system of processing the emails in the background we are monitoring how it's working very closely.

Right now it is working, but the process is a bit slow (and quite challenging).  

In the background the system has to do a lot of crawling through THOUSANDS of profiles. It is also not as simple as Amazon telling us "yes there is an email present!!" There's a lot of data and some of the data looks like there might be an email address but in fact there isn't. Amazon has made a ton of updates since we started doing this. 

This is unchartered territory so it's hard to give a timeline as to when the system will be functioning for faster results that everyone is looking for :) 

There is some good news though....

1)  websites are still very easy to find (that's why they show up instantly). 

2) We are now pulling emails from the database - so if there was a chance the reviewer profile has already been extracted, those emails get shown right away because we have them in our database and we don't need amazon for those!

3) We will also be implementing reviewers with social profile links available - so that will be another easy contact point. 

Thanks for remaining patient and know we are working hard in the background to get the tool up and running. 




It's an exciting day in BRT History! 

When I first built this application the goal was to have it entirely web-based. If you scroll through these updates below, you will see we had to add an additional downloadable App we called the Email Extractor to fetch the email addresses because of Amazon making critical changes to the way the data was being shown.

Well, in working with the tool for a while, my programmer and I developed a way so that we don't need the email extractor anymore! This is very exciting because

1) There are no extra steps for the user / user does not need to add their Amazon login credentials

2) We are back to just having a web-based tool with nothing additional to download!

Emails will now be fetched for you in the background - so just sit back and relax :) 

We will be making further enhancements on this and sending you notifications when the tool is done fetching the emails - but right now - DELETE THE EMAIL EXTRACTOR BECAUSE YOU DO NOT NEED IT ANYMORE.  

I just set mine on fire :)


Hey Book Review Targeters, 

Just a quick update on the tool. A couple weeks ago Amazon made some changes. These changes are more on the email extracting side of things. Folks that are experiencing issues are 1) not able to login to Amazon with the Email Extractor or 2) the email extractor when logged in is not doing a great job at extracting. 

When Amazon changes things, we obviously need to detect what the problem is and fix it. 

Up until now, when Amazon makes changes we just do small changes to get it going again. This time it's a bit different. 

We are actually changing the structure on how the emails are being fectched and ultimately making it MUCH EASIER for you to get the emails.

The end goal is to remove the Email Extractor and have the web-based tool automatically fetch the emails for you behind the scenes. This is the update we are working on right now. 

Thanks for your patience while we work on making the Book Review Targeter tool a better experience for you. 

Please make sure you join the Facebook group to keep informed of the progress. 

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We've been making a ton of improvements behind the scenes to optimize Book Review Targeter.

There was a small change today and we had to update the Email Extractor App.  


Tip: Go to your downloads or wherever you keep the BRT Email Extractor and delete it completely (if it's open, then please close it and delete it). Then go ahead and re-download it.   

App will be named BRTEmailExtractor...and it should go straight to your downloads folder. 



Happy New Year Self Publishers

We are currently working on optimizing the tool for the volume of requests that we are getting. If you have not gotten an email of some of the reviews that you ran, it might be because we had to stop the queue because of the volume. 

Again, we are running into an issue where one person is running too many reviews and right now we don't have a limit. 

Please be socially responsible and not run thousands of reviews because that really bogs down the system. 

We are working on a future fix for this but for the time being, please be responsible as we don't have unlimited resources. Thanks!



If you look at the 12-14 changes Amazon made to the profiles (video below) - even though it doesn't look like a lot - it really affects how BRT runs and works. Every time Amazon makes these changes we need to adapt the software. Thanks for understanding that this is completely out of our control and there is no backend "easy button" that fixes the software. My genius programmer is the one figureing it out on the backend. 

With that said, he did just that yesterday. Amazon is making it a bit harder for us to see if an email is present on the account so you will now see "Email May Be Available". 

When you run the Email Extractor, that will weed out all the emails for sure and the software will update (once you refresh the page). 



Amazon changed the layout of the buyer profile page so reviews aren't being returned. We are working on this and adapting the software.  


Not getting results quick from the BRT tool? Well it turns out that some users are bogging down the system with too many requests. Each book gets put in a queue to process and when there is too many (over 30,000 from somone) then it will slow everything down. We are looking to address this now by putting a cap on the amount of reviewers each individual can have. I am not sure how exactly this is going to work yet because I need to talk to my programmer, but we are putting something in place soon. 

If you are not getting results - you just have to wait because that's how the system works. 

For now, please be socially responsible for your own actions and not run too many reviews at once. 


You will need to re-download the Email Extractor on this pageAmazon slightly changed their email endpoint response, so we had to adapt our fetcher app to compansate.


As of last week, we got our new app created called BRT Email Extractor! You will need the app to extract the email addresses. You will find this new addition in the training section (it's very easy to use). Basically, the tool can only see the emails if it is logged on to Amazon and the BRT tool on it's own CAN'T be logged onto Amazon and that's why we need the additional app on your local machine. It sounds more complicated than it is, but what it really means is that it works great with extracting the email addresses from Amazon! 


Amazon has made some recent changes that we are working through. Please click here to watch the video for the update. 


Over the past week we rolled out the new search tool which now emails you when the reviewers are found. 

We had some issues with duplicate reviewers showing but that has been resolved.

Some users are experiencing not getting the email when the reviewers are found. This is due to spam traps and we are working on that too. This should be fixed by next week. The work around RIGHT NOW for that is to wait like 20 minutes and then go back to the tool, RELOAD the screen, go to the reviewers tab and the reviewers should be in there waiting for you. Another alternative solution is to let me create another account for you with a gmail address because those accounts are working just fine. 

Right now we are just doing minor fixes. Thanks for helping! 


Over the weekend I saw the new way reviewers are fetched from the system....and it is AWESOME! My programmer is putting the final touches on the way the info is gathered and how you can retrieve the reviewers at a later time (save for later which is a huge feature request). 

Will update you when I know more about when the new version will be released. 

We are getting closer to finding a solution as to why live emails aren't sending even after the smtp data has been tested. 

For now, it's best to export the data into a csv file and manually email the reviewers. 

Debbie Drum


I have 2 programmers working on changing the way the Big Azon searches for reviewers. The way the tool was designed, the searches were timing out..

Because the tool makes many requests from Azon with all the reviewers to search through....this is a major challenge. 

The way the tool is going to work are user makes a request and BRT, behind the scenes, will do what it's got to do to search for reviewers contact information with as little hitting Azon with tons of requests. 

This is an important stage. Thanks for your patience while I work with my programmers through this. 

Oh deadlines you ask? 

I am hoping to have something to test by next week..but please understand i am at the mercy of the programmers. My hands are tied because i don't know how to php code!  

Debbie Drum


Please check out the 10-14-2015 Update